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So after a long long absence from home the first thing I did once I had booked my flights was look up what new eateries were available.  Unfortunately as with all good things there was never going to be time for all the food I wanted so the next few entries will be a very very thing slice of the culinary heaven of my hometown, both new and old.

First is Cumulus Inc., sister restaurant to Cutler&Co, winner of The Age Good Food Guide 2010's New Restuarunt of the Year Award, and both owned by The Age Good Food Guide 2010's Chef of the Year, Andrew McConnell.  With me was my partner in crime, Mr Z.  We had aimed for a breakfast but I hadn't quite recovered from the jetlag so we settled for lunch.  We sat at the kitchen counter which was wonderful because I got to perve on the chef's at work.

Bread and butter

Luckily they thought ahead and provided a nice little presentation of bread and butter to soak up the drool while we waited for the food.

Kitchen Charcuterie Selection

For starters we had kitchen charcuterie selection which was a selection of cured meats and the pressed chicken terrine. Loved the chicken terrine.  The radishes cut the velvety consistency of the terrine leaving us wanting more.  Was a little bit disappointed with the cured wagyu though.  Perhaps I just had too high expectation but I think there are much much better ways to exhibit wagyu rather than curing it.  But still got to try everything once.

We also shared a slow cooked octopus with aioli, dehydrated olives.  The olive oil mix and aioli were perfect but unfortunately I felt that the octopus was a bit lost in their flavours and really could have been replaced with anything.  On the plus side this was the only dish I was disappointed in.

Kinkawooka mussels, parsley and saffron bourride

For the main I had the Kinkawooka mussels, parsley and saffron bourride.  The bourride was absolutely superb, creamy but not heavy and the flavours was not overpowering allowing me to taste the sweet sweet mussels.  To boot the toasted bread was perfect because I couldn't get enough of the sauce...mmm.

Steamed chocolate pudding with hazelnut toffee and creme fraiche ice cream

For desserts we started with the steamed chocolate pudding with hazelnut toffee and crème fraiche ice cream.  Chocolate in general is a weakness of mine but for this dish the hazelnut toffee won me over. Not surprisingly the three complement each other well and after a year of over-sweetened desserts the subtle sweetness was a welcoming relief. But this dish was definitely overshadowed by our second dessert - the madeleine, filled with lemon curd.

You should never ever leave here without trying the warm Madeleines with lemon curd oozing out. We were quite full by this stage but still one per person was not enough.  Absolute heaven in earth dessert the perfect balance of sweet fluffy cake and citrus sour.

Overall was very impressed with the food and presentation here.  Very tempted to come back again for breakfast/brunch when I'm next in the continent.

Food: Excellent.  Good portion size, presentation and taste.
Must try: Madeleine with lemon curd
Setting: Casual
Service: It wasn't busy when we went so was excellent
Damage: Mains are on average $30

Cumulus Inc.

Cumulus Inc. on Urbanspoon
Cumulus Inc. on Urbanspoon

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