Koko Black

Hot chocolate!  Something I have missed sorely and had previously taken for granted.  I had become accustomed to a world where decent hot chocolate is available at every cafe and most restaurants too.  This will most likely appear snobby but when I say hot chocolate I don't mean some cocoa powder resuspended in hot water, I mean the creamy hot chocolate - soothing strong cocoa flavour from the first sip till the last, creamy richness like warm lava flowing caressing your tongue with such intensity that the resonating warmth spreads throughout your entire body, making it the ultimate comfort food (drink).  The best is the Italian hot chocolate from Brunetti (more chocolate than milk) but the Belgian type is just as good.  And for that you must go to Koko Black.

Koko Black can be found at several locations (Royal Arcade, Lygon, Collins St and Chadstone).  All are busy but small enough that the noise never builds up enough to interfere with a good conversation. Mr Z and I had not seen my 'oldest' friend Miss C for months so this was the perfect little corner to catch up.  We ordered the classic Belgian hot chocolate, both normal (right) and cinanamon blend (bottom left) and Mr Z. had the hot chocolate affogato.

If you aren't stuffed like a pig like we already were then I would recommend the Belgian Spoil so you get a taste of the other opulent chocolate creations on offer.  The other reason we were not overindulging was what we had planned for dinner....but that is a story for another day.

Food: Chocolate decadence to the extreme.
Must try: Iced chocolate, Chocolate affogato, Belgian spoil
Setting: Casual, Old style cafe
Service: Standard cafe service but because this place is always busy it can sometimes appear lacking

Damage: At $5.75 for the standard hot chocolate it is probably a little more expensive than most.

Koko Black

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