Yarra Valley wineries

If you have time to do a short trip out of Melbourne, don’t forget to visit the Yarra Valley wineries.  We hit several along the way - some for the locale and others to actually purchase the wine.  Of course we did tastings at all and most are free.  There are a few that do charge a small fee for select wines however they tend to be the better selections and the cost are usually subtracted from any purchases.  If you want a meal along the way I would recommend De Bortoli’s.  But be warned during busy seasons you may need to book ahead.

Since we had already done some heavy hitting in the food department we avoided sit down meals and instead snacked along the way.  De Bortoli’s cellar also contains a small fromagerie where you can purchase a cheese platter to enjoy with your wine.  Domain Chandon and Yering Station both have beautiful grounds and facilities where you can see how wines are mass produced.  They also both have restaurants with stunning views of their vineyards:

For those who are not Australian the bird pictured is a Magpie.  For those who are Australian – go Collingwood! 

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