Brunetti is home to my favourite hot chocolate - Italian hot chocolate.  Smooth, thick, melted chocolate that flows into your mouth and somehow resonates throughout every cell in your body.  You can order this with or without cream but I have it with as even for me this can sometimes be too chocolatey - if that is even possible.  This is like the espresso of coffee...concentrated and dark.  So for those who need the milder everyday cousin they do also serve the normal hot chocolate.

Apart from the hot chocolates Brunetti is also home to endless variety of biscotti, cake and pastry.  At some of the larger locations there is also a good selection of sandwiches and gelato. Biscotti must haves - Baci balls, nutella filled biscuits (I can't remember the name), cat's tongue and the cocoa covered butter biscuits.  Cake must haves - profiteroles.  The single balled ones are filled with custard and covered in chocolate but if you buy a croquembouche (tower of profiteroles) then you can also get them filled with Italian cream and covered in toffee.

Brunetti's home is in Carlton but there are several locations across Melbourne including Camberwell, the plaza  outside Westin and at various points in and around University of Melbourne.  The Italian hot chocolate is served at Carlton year round and at some of the other places it is only available during the colder months.  This is a must visit for all chocolate addicts.


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