Farewell Melbourne

Sadly my trip home ended after a whirlwind of eating and visiting family and friends.  It was amazing to have eaten all that fantastic food but there are still a lot of wonderful places that I didn't have a chance to visit/revisit.  Here are some that I recommend:

Lau's Family Kitchen in St kilda. I would say this is the best Chinese eatery in Melb currently. Home style Cantonese cuisine. Favs include the vegetarian mushroom rice, salt and pepper squid, lamb spring roll, and the specials of the day rarely misses it's mark.

Borsch, Vodka and Tears on Chapel street is best for Polish cuisine. If you get a chance definitely try the potato blintz and pierogi. As expected the have an extenisive vodka drink list both straight and in various cocktails. The chocolate martini makes a great dessert or any time really.

MoVida in the city is great for Spanish although with the better Spanish representation in the USA this place has list a bit of it's luster for me. But if you do swing by try the cordonices (quail breasts) and carillera de buey (beef cheek with cauliflower puree). They also have a new MoVida Next Door which I have yet to try.

The Press Club also in the city is great for the upscale non kebab on a stick Greek food. If you have the stomach vacancy the set menu gives you the best ride through the menu.  But if you want to order a la carte then order the prawn entree with serrano and nashi pears and the lamb.

There are so many more food places both old and new I want to visit.  Bit till next time I guess this last Aussie beef pie will have to do (taken from the plane as it left Australian soil).

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