Kenzan GPO

The original Kenzan is at the Grand Hyatt.  This is the baby sister located at the GPO and originally serves to the city lunch crowd but has for a while now also serve .  We dropped by for a quick bite.  If you want lunch on the go then I would recommend one of the hand rolls - favourites been softshell crab with tobiko on the outside instead of nori covering, grilled eel (unagi) and crab salad.  Yes love my seafood.  The nori covered rolls are great as the nori is kept separated from the rice and you self assemble it just before consumption so that they stay crispy instead of soggy.  If you do have time to sit down and eat then I would recommend the curry udon but unfortunately this is not always available.

Protocol for eating a handroll (Left to right, top to bottom)

1. Obtain your delicious handroll
2. Open the seal and reveal the instructions
3. Roll open the handroll till you see the little arrows on the wrapper
4. Lift up the plastic where the little arrows are to reveal your crispy fresh nori
5. Roll the rice back and it will automatically attach to the nori.  Then simply roll the nori out of the plastic
6. Examine your excellent little handiwork
7. Take a bite
8. And the rest will miraculously disappear.

Kenzan @ GPO

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