Hei La Moon

Back to Boston.  This time missing good Chinese food.  So when Nefertiti decided to visit we hopped on down to the tiny Boston Chinatown for Sunday yum cha (best way to describe this is Chinese brunch where little trolleys are pushed around and you can choose the individual dishes you want).  I had previously been to China Pearl and thought the yum cha there was okay to satisfy my desperation but nothing particularly special so decided to try Hei La Moon this time.  

We were greeted with a restaurant with your typical Chinese/Cantonese decorations and of course the prerequisite of a good yum cha place - lots of noise and a line to get in.  Been able to speak some mandarin (even if it is broken) is always an advantage and we were able to bypass the line pretty quickly. We sat down ordered our tea and had our first serving of yummy dumplings all within 5 minutes of each other. 

Chive dumplings in the background had more prawn then chives and shark fin dumplings in the foreground.

Deep fried taro dumplings - these were made very well and we got them hot.  In a single bite you will get the crispy fried outer texture which melts into the creamier and sweeter inner taro and then the savory minced pork meat on the inside seeps in to create a blend of flavours you simply must try.  Yum!

B.B.Q. pork bun contains simple B.B.Q pork with a slightly sweetened soft spongy outer bun.  Best to have this while it is hot.

We got soy curd for dessert. This is similar texture to very soft tofu and is in a light broth made of rock sugar with a hint of ginger.  This is the simple version but some places you can also get it with red bean, cooked peanuts, lotus seeds and various toppings.

This place is not bad.  Best yum cha I've had in Boston so far but still leaves me wanting more.  Any suggestions for places I should try instead?

Food: Again not the best yum cha.  Either I've just been spoilt in Melbourne or there just isn't any great yum cha in Boston....
Must try: Fried Taro Dumplings
Setting: Cheap Chinese deco
Service: Fast and not bad if speak the language.
Damage: $15-20 per person depending on how much you eat but at this price you will be extremely full.

Hei La Moon
88 Beach St
Boston, MA 02111

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