Ole Mexican Grill

As a last hurrah to the waning summer Little Miss Sunshine (LMS) dragged me out to dinner at Ole Mexican Grill. A cute Mexican restaurant near the border of Cambridge and Sommerville.

The freshly made salsa.  That blur you see is LMS's deftly dip to get her salsa fill.
LMS was desperate for a drink so I ordered the Ole margarita and she the Saint Jamaica the first chance we got - both excellent drinks. For starters we shared Salsa De Jalisco which is freshly made salsa with nachos. And by freshly made I mean they roll up with a little trolley of fresh ingredients and mashes them together right in from of you resulting in a chuncky salsa with little pockets of surprises so watch out for the extra large pieces of spicy pepper.  The dish was definitely a palate opener been quite spicy and also a little too salty (which luckily for me complemented the margarita).

For the main LMS went with her stable Enchilada which fortunately was served with cheese that was not fluorescent orange, an American stable that I have yet to become accustomed to.  I ordered the Langosta Y Camarones. The lobster was sweet and creamy and the sauce of roasted corn puree with chile habanero-chive aioli was a beautiful complement for both the lobster and the shrimp. Only slight shadow to the dish was that the sauce was a little too sweet, however, I'm not sure if this is the natural sweetness in corn or artificial addition.

To finish we shared the Chocolate bread pudding dessert which was fine but nothing particularly memorable compared to the main.  I did take a photo but must have been a little bit tipsy and didn't notice that it was all blurry.

Mexican food is glaringly underrepresented in Melbourne so I have to admit I cannot comment on authenticity of the taste. They missed the mark just a little in each dish (too salty then too sweet) but overall the place was a beautiful setting and the food was good.

Food: I will need to do some more research before I can comment on authenticity but I do love the food and cuisine.
Must try: Langosta Y Camarones and a cocktail
Setting: Mexican deco
Service: Great service.
Damage: $20-30 for the main depending on what you order.
Ole Mexican Grill
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