French brunch at Bistro du Midi

So we tried an American brunch, now let's see the French version at Bistro du Midi. Interestingly this was at the recommendation of the Brits. Yes couples brunch...this is how I realize I'm getting old - when I am having brunch with married couples instead of just my girlfriends. But I the food:

To even the playing field a bit I thought I might order something a little bit more comparable to a meat sandwich: the Black Angus burger. This also comes with fries, your choice of cheese and an assortment of condiments including caramelized onion, tomato sauce and mayonnaise. The burger was delicious and I liked the ability to customize the burger as I went along. The meat was juicy but did not seem to be pre-seasoned or was under-seasoned making the condiments an absolute necessity rather than an addition.

Mr Z. went for a more traditional French brunch choice of Brioche French toast with maple syrup and mixed berries.  The toast was thick making it perfect to create a good combination of a soft spongy center with a slightly crusty surface that is partially softened by the syrup. The french toast is quite sweet so the slightly tart berries gives it just the right amount of required freshness.

The best part of the meal was the Valrhona hot chocolate - thick, rich and strong chocolate silky creamy smoothness.  Only downside is the tiny serving.

Overall brunch was superior to Eastern Standards. This shouldn't be seen as a comparison of French versus American cuisines as I've only tried one American cuisine based brunch. If anyone has other suggestions for where I can get a great all American brunch please let me know.

Food: French bistro.
Must try: Valrhona hot chocolate.
Setting: Modern bistro.
Service: Excellent service.
Damage: $15-20 per person including drinks.


Bistro du Midi

Back Bay
272 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

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