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Just on the outskirts of SOHO is one of Daniel Boulud’s slightly less expensive restaurants allowing us to have a quick bite into his foodie empire. DGBG Kitchen and Bar is like the hip younger sister of his flagship Daniel in Manhattan's upper east side. There is a larger main dining room surrounded by a semi open kitchen and a front bar area that also serves food. Although relatively early in the evening the place was already abuzz with people celebrating birthdays or simply enjoying the wine and food.

Seared Foie Gras

We started with one of their specials the Seared foie gras which is a nice plump piece of juicy foie gras browned on the outside with tender melting goodness on the inside. It comes rested on a little waffle shaped brioche, sweet crispy pistachio wafer, drops of passion fruit juice and a small salad of greens. The pistachio wafer combination was absolutely genius as it surprisingly accentuated the flavour of the foie gras.

The Yankee

For the main I was very tempted to try The Ménage à trois - a trio of burger heaven. Unfortunately I was still a bit full from our pasta lunch so given we were in NYC settled to try only The Yankee. This beef patty burger was served on a toasted sesame bun with iceberg lettuce, tomato and vidalia onions. It came with the classic sides of pickles and fries. The fries were ok, the pickles were pretty common place but the burger was pretty amazing. I’m sure of course it doesn’t compare to the $150 burger that Daniel has previously created. But the meat was juicy and the bun to burger to vegetable ratio was perfect. No tripping up on the mistake of excessive meat. I will have to come back I think to decide if I chose the right burger of the three to try but if you want a comparison head to Damn Burgers for his reviews.

Souffle Chaud

Finishing this meal we went for a more French dessert the Soufflé Chaud which is a Grand Marnier based soufflé served with creme anglaise. This hot soufflé is very spongy and almost vibrates a bit like jelly and yet as the spoon easily carves in you are met with a light foam-like soufflé saturated in the Grand Marnier. As per all soufflé dishes this is made to order so either order early or be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes, a small sacrifice to make though for one of the best soufflés I’ve had in a long time.

I was a bit sad we didn’t try more food but the late pasta lunch and early dinner did not help our cause. I think I will definitely be back or at least try one of Daniel Boulud’s other restaurants in NYC. If I do come back I will probably try one of the sausages/links that are very dominant on the menu or else The Ménage à trois. But either way the soufflé chaud will absolutely be on the list.

Food: French/American mix with great burger choices.
Must try: Soufflé Chaud and burger.
Setting: Hip bistro.
Service: Very friendly service and great suggestions from our waitress.
Damage: $30-40 per person more if you try a few cocktails.


DBGB Kitchen and Bar

299 Bowery Street (Between Houston and 1st Street)
New York, NY 100173

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