For those preparing for St Patrick's Day, Saus should provide a happy interruption as you venture through your long list of Irish pubs. Located in Union street and squished between the various pubs and bars near Fanieul hall is a new eatery that provides a happy solution for those stumbling out of a pub at night drunk and hungry. The main attraction is their pomme frites which are served in little paper cones and available with a choice of a dozen or so different dips.

Poutine and waffle

The alternative serving of this is the poutine where the pomme frites are served with little balls of cheese curds and smothered in homemade gravy. What could be better drunk food? And sober food for that matter.


For those who want to drop by a little earlier or want something to fulfill your sweet tooth you can also order waffles with a choice of four different toppings. We tried both the Berry Berry topping and...

Waffle with berry berry sauce

...the homemade nutella. The waffle is made fresh of course and is sweet and crispy. The nutella in addition to the sugary waffle was a bit of sugar overload so I preferred the Berry Berry sauce. But either way a great way to start the day.

Waffle with nutella

This little creation has been two years in the making with each step and mishap documented online with a huge twitter following (@Saus_Boston). The place is simple but fulfills a under-represented niche with quality food. A recommended for foodies and pub-crawlers alike.

Food: Fries and waffles.
Must try: Fries and waffles.
Setting: Cafe style surrounded by Tintin decorations.
Service: Fast and friendly.
Damage: $7 for the large servings of pomme frites and $3.50 for the waffles

33 Union Street
Boston, MA 02108

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