Fight of the Fries - Hooked vs. Lord of the Fries

We were sitting at Borsch, Vodka and Tears and while waiting for our blintzes and pierogi I noticed this little rivalry across the road.

The fries rivallry

So Hooked a fish n' chips store felt their hot chips were far superior to the Lord of the Fries. We took their little taunt to the challenge.

The two fries side by side

The top are the fries from Hooked and the bottom those from Lord of the Fries. The Hooked ones are a little bit wider than the Lord of the Fries but by looks alone there appeared to be relatively comparative. Taste wise I would say Hooked was better. The outside was crunchier but there was still a nice amount of soft squishy center. Also I think the oil used by Hooked was either better quality or was reused far less than the Lord of the Fries which gave their fires a slight rustic aftertaste. However, if you are more concerned with accompanying condiments than the fries, then Lord of the Fries would win simply by the sheer variation of dips they have available.

Since more emphasis is given to taste the overall winner is....Hooked
Texture: Hooked
Taste: Hooked
Dips: Lord of the Fries
Price: Lord of the Fries

Food: Fish n' Chips
Must try: Fries - as that is all I have tried so far.
Setting: Casual seaside themed.
Service: No table service and fries are made fresh so not as fast as a fast food joint.
Hot chocolate: None available.
Visit if: you need to sedate your fries craving.

172 Chapel Street
Prahran, VIC 3181
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Food: Fries
Must try: Fries.
Setting: Fast-food.
Service: Fast.
Damage: Cheap.
Hot chocolate: None available.
Visit if: It is late at night and you have oily food cravings.

Lord of the Fries
170 Chapel Street
Prahran, VIC 3181

Lord of the Fries on Urbanspoon

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