Earl Canteen baguettes

Melbournians are so blessed with the amount of good food both in quality and diversity of choices. I cry with the thought I’m stuck in Boston. Ok less about me and more about this good food. I think it was Mr. Z Sr who I have to thank for this recommendation. Just downstairs of Movida Terrace is Earl Canteen. Admittedly I was drawn to this place because I'd heard they served macarons but when I got there I was too distracted by their baguettes to even try the macarons. Mr Z. in his infinite wisdom ordered the crispy pork baguette and I played it safe with the wagyu meatballs.

Pork belly baguette

To start the bread is not a flimsy supermarket bun but a crispy aromatic baguette. This is layered with cabbage and fennel, strings of apple slices and then thick slices of roasted pork belly. The pork is the right ratio of lean meat with a thin layer of fat cushioning the top crispy crackling. A well positioned bite gives you a blend of crispy crackling, crusty baguette, juicy fat, soft bread, firm lean meat and fresh cabbage which join together in finale of blended delight.

*warning must have this fresh. I tried a take-away and it was still nice but without it been freshly cooked and hot the experience was just not the same.*

Wagyu meatball baguette

The wagyu meatball sub was delicious don’t get me wrong but the crispy pork baguette was amazing. I ended up eating half of Mr Z’s baguette…me bad.

Food: Baguettes.
Must try: Pork belly baguette.
Setting: Modern minimalist.
Service: Fast.
Damage: Expensive for lunch "sandwiches" but reasonable for a gourmet baguette.
Hot chocolate: Didn't ask but not on menu.
Visit if: looking for lunch in the city.

Earl Canteen
500 Bourke St,
Enter via Little Bourke St,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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