Vietnamese noodles at Thanh Phong

For authentic Vietnamese noodles (pho) then Thanh Phong is the place to visit. My preference is the Richmond store but they do have a sister store in the city. There are other Vietnamese noodle places but if you haven’t aligned yourself with a particular pho provider then let me persuade you to join this one.

Rice noodle soup with sliced chicken

First on the menu is the Pho you can get this with chicken, pork, fish balls, briskets,mixed cuts of beef or other various combinations. What I love about this place is the pho and soup has remained true for at least the last 15 years that I have visited this place. The serving sizes is relatively large I go for the medium if hungry and have never been able to finish the large. The soup is light sweet and savoury, not too oily and the little lemon juice gives it just a bit of tang.

Rice noodle soup with sliced rare beef

I usually go the rare beef which comes semi-cooked in thin slices are are on the whole very lean. The pho comes in hot soup so simply stir the rare beef through and it will slowly cook as you savour the pho.

Lemon, bean sprout, Thai basil

Additionally you can add some raw bean sprouts, Vietnamese coriander, chilli and fresh lemon juice. I usually add a bit of each but the preference is up to the diner.

Fried prawn spring rolls

We also got spring rolls with this which are small but with plenty of filling. You wrap them in the accompanying lettuce leaves and dip them in the sweet/sour sauce provided. A great contrast of crunchy oily spring rolls, crispy refreshing lettuce and mildly sour sauce…mmm mmm mmm.

Food: Vietnamese noodles.
Must try: Pho with your choice of meat or vegetables.
Setting: Bare minimum settings but good flexibility for large groups.
Service: Fast.
Damage: Very cheap.
Hot chocolate: Not available.
Visit if: in need of a late night pick me up, a cure for hangover or fast meal with friends.

Thanh Phong
240 Victoria Street
Richmond, VIC 3121

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