Macaron dealer - La Belle Miette

It is official. I have found my new macaron dealer in Melbourne. I literally stumbled across this place when I had to get new contacts around the corner so while waiting and half blind I wondered with the much less visually challenged Mr Z. and followed the rainbow colours to La Belle Miette. A tiny little store front in Hardware Lane with three tables before the counter where a mild mannered man displays his wares. Suddenly I felt I may have stepped through the looking glass and was now presented with the impossible riddle of which macaron to choose. Luckily there is no restriction or wrong macaron and I was able to try as many as my heart’s content (whether I increased in ‘size’ from eating the macarons is a discussion for another time). My favourite was the Blueberry but unfortunately some flavours had lready been sold out when I got there so must return to try the full repertoire.

With some tea from Mariage Frères

Accompanying this you can also order some hot Mariage Frères tea imported from France. I highly recommend the Marco Polo blend of tea which is fruity and light perfect for sipping on while nibbling on various macarons. This is really a quiet little world of serenity with the afternoon sunlight trickling in from the shop window.

Six macarons for me to enjoy

Perhaps in my half blind state my sense of taste was more acute but the fruity sweetness of the tea balanced perfectly with each of the various flavours of macarons – from chocolate to lavender to lemon.

Little box for macarons

Food: Macaron and tea.
Must try: Macaron.
Setting: Parisian with a hint of Wonderland.
Service: Counter service.
Damage: Pretty standard macaron prices.
Hot chocolate: None but have some tea instead to help cool the sweetness of the macaron.
Visit if: in need of a break from the hustle and bustle of the city or simply to sedate a craving.

La Belle Miette
30 Hardware Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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