Late night ramen!

Following in the footsteps of other culinary heavyweights such as David Chang of Momofuku, Ken Oringer and the staff at Uni Sashimi have taken on late night ramen. It's available after 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and seating is at the Uni Sashimi section of the restaurant (adjacent to Clio) and at the bar. If you want to get a seat straight away I would recommend going at 10.30pm and start waiting. Don't worry it won't be that bad once you get one of Todd's delicious cocktails in your hands.
Shishito peppers
Before digging into the ramen try some Shishito peppers.  These peppers are usually sweet and are pan fried till slight caramelization which brings out further sweetness but still leaves the peppers juicy.  Be warned though, this is a Russian roulette dish.  Although they are generally sweet every now and then you get super spicy one.
Streamed bun
Another starter to try are the pork buns.  Fried thick moist pork belly, slices of cucumber, mung bean sprouts in freshly steamed bun.  These aren’t quite as good as Momofuku steamed bun. But short of trip to NYC or now Sydney these are pretty damn good. There is also duck buns to try.
Traditional Ramen
Okay to the main point, late night ramen.  The traditional ramen comes with poached egg, slices of pork, chili sauce, chili powder, slices of nori and ramen.  There is also another ramen available which has the pork slices replaced with unagi.

So quite a few similarities to Momofuku Noodle Bar’s late night menu and equally popular.  The first couple of weeks the quality of the ramen was really great but recently there have been quite a few inconsistencies that I’m hoping is due to staff holidays during the summer.  Sometimes the soup was very thick, sometimes there was hardly and broth, sometimes the egg was soft boiled instead of poached. 
Pimms + Lemon
Despite some recent lapse in preparation, generally I really love the idea and execution of the late night ramen here. And on the plus side, the go great with the amazing cocktails created by Todd Maul and his team behind the bar. One of my favourite is the summer seasonal Pimm’s & Lemon.

Food: Late night ramen
Must try: Shishito peppers, Unagi ramen and a cocktail
Setting: Modern and refined
Service: Excellent service whether at the bar or in the main dining room
Damage: ~$20 for meal and drink
Hot chocolate: None
Visit if: craving late night snack.

Uni Sashimi
Eliot Hotel
370a Commonwealth Ave
Back Bay
Boston, MA 02215

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