Which came first – the salmon or the roe?

Back in Boston. Time to cook for myself again. Don't worry I plan to still go out and eat but for now one of my favourite fast at home one-bowl meals is the Salmon and Ikura rice.
Salmon and Ikura rice

For the rice I use ¾ brown rice to ¼ white rice and always short grain rice for this dish. Brown rice for the health benefits but a little of the white rice to make the rice a little stickier but this can be done with all white rice if you wish. Wash the rice and into the rice cooker it goes.

While that is cooking, place the salmon fillet in a pot of boiling water and simmer till the salmon is pretty much cooked through. Poke through with a skewer to check if it is cooked through properly (clean skewer = cooked). Once the rice is ready, stir in drained capers, fried shallots, soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil. If you bought a fatter slice of salmon, then be a bit more conservative with the sesame oil. In a bowl top a generous serving of rice with a fillet of salmon and then scatter as much Ikura as you desire. And done!

This is also great with raw salmon if you can get sashimi grade salmon. Prepare the rice as above stirring in the capers, fried shallots and sauces. Let rice cool so it isn't hot but just warm and stir in the salmon (cut to 1 cm cubes) and the Ikura. This is my version of Chirashi-zushi.

Delicious, easy and healthy.

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