Cutler & Co.

Finally we got to try the best new restaurant in Melbourne, Cutler & Co. on Fitzroy Street (hence the light snacking at Koko Black).  The decor was hip bar but with all the benefits of a full service restaurant.  The lighting was dim which was unfortunate as I still need practice with taking close up photos in the low light so apologies for the photos.  When we arrived it was packed and quite noisy as it is basically one big open space. There was an extensive bar menu and I kicked the night off with a Madeira, tonic and fresh lemon

After we had settled into familiar casual banter we were soon served with the offerings of the night. I couldn't decide what to order but was forced to settle on one of the specials:duck prepared in three ways. Sadly I was exceedingly disappointed with this helping which had an overly salty sauce and also a salty breaded duck leg.  The rest of the duck though was cooked to the perfect tenderness but a small redemption for an otherwise unimpressive dish.

Miss C ordered the pan roasted John Dory which came with a little copper pan of paella with clams and cuttlefish.  The John Dory had crispy skin but eclipsed by the non-rice based paella.  Sweet clams mixed with diced refreshing vegetables. 

The third main, was roast suckling pig, is the superior of the three.  The suckling pig was crispy and aromatic a perfect use of seasoning that was missing from my dish.  The mustard appended the perfect hit of minor tanginess and lingering heat.

Mr Z surrendered to his stomach's relentless protest to our trip down gluttony lane and benched himself for the desserts.  Miss C and I persevered and partook in the violet ice cream, chocolate ganache, sour cherry.  Although the presentation may hint at a chaotic meshing of distinct desserts the composition is that of a string trio - a symphony of sour cherry jus, bitter rich chocolate ganache and cooling ice cream. Bringing a happy ending to our evening. 

Food: A little more hit and miss then what I expected
Must try: Roast suckling pig and a cocktail to match
Setting: Hip bar
Service: We wished to split the dessert and they were kind enough to actually plate it out onto two plates and both presented wonderfully!
Damage: About $30 for the mains.

Cutler & Co.

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