Smacznego - Borsch, Vodka and Tears

Landed in Australia early in the morning, washed off the cloud of a million other travelers and we were out to enjoy all the that Melbourne could offer. First stop Borsh, Vodka and Tears - is that not a clever name for a restaurant. I have previously alluded to this place as a must visit, making it a great opening for this trip back home.

My clock was still a bit off so we decided to have a few old classics to snack on rather than a full meal. So to start the potato blintzes:

Potato blintzes with sour cream

Chewy potato pancakes that have been pan-fried and served with a dollop of sour cream. Think of it as a savoury pancake perfect for bridging breakfast and lunch or for having with a drink. This can also be ordered with wild mushroom ragout or smoked salmon and sour cream.

Mixed pierogi

No Polish meal is complete without pierogi or Polish dumplings. We got a mix of the beef, chicken, and spices with a paprika meat sauce and the porcini mushroom and sauerkraut with breadcrumb. Both are delicious with the two flavours quite contrasting. The meat pierogi contains finely minced meat and strongly spiced. The porcini mushroom has a sweet blend of fragrant mushrooms with the mildly sour sauerkraut. Again this is also perfect for lunch as well as with some good drinks.

Shelf full of vodka

As you can see by the wall of vodkas and the name of the restaurant there is an excellent supply of various vodka from all over the world as well as a phone book of vodka based cocktails. Long flights and alcohol don't really mix so I didn't have any this visit.

Creamy thick hot chocolate

Instead I opted for the hot chocolate. And god do I miss good hot chocolate. Firstly that it is so easily available in Australia and secondly that it actually tastes like hot chocolate not hot milk with traces of chocolate or chocolate flavouring. My senses may have been affected by jet lag but this was delectable. Highly recommended.

Potato blintz

Amazing Polish cuisine for all times of the days.

Side note: Also new for the new year is the addition to of the Hot Chocolate info in the Sidebar section for quick reference as to the availability of hot chocolate and the quality. And a Visit if - quick summary of what the best occasions are to visit this placeā€¦ie with friends, family, date, feeling down, celebrating successful macaron baking, etc.

Food: Polish food and vodka
Must try: Pierogi and one of the vodka based cocktails
Setting: Cafe by day, cool hip hangout at night
Service: Excellent!
Damage: Great prices for both food and drinks.
Hot chocolate: Creamy, strong cocoa content.
Visit if: you want to catch up with a few good friends over good food and drink.  Or just craving vodka.

Borsch, Vodka and Tears
173 Chapel Street
Prahran, VIC 3181

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