Whistler - Quick bites

Time for some good snow! None in Boston but plenty at Whistler. If you are lucky enough to be heading to Whistler here are a few quick comfort bites. The first stop is a place I visited long long time ago during my first ski trip to Whistler where I inevitably ended up in crutches. However my injuries were definitely a blessing in disguise as I had an opportunity to explore the village. Hidden behind a bookstore I stumbled on Gone Whistler Village Eatery by following the amazing smell of bread and soup seeping out into the streets.

Minestrone Soup with freshly baked bread

Minestrone soup with warm thick multi-grain bread. The soup was as good as I remembered and a perfect for soaking up with the thick warm bread.

French onion soup with baked cheese

Mr Z. had the cheese covered soup. Unfortunately this was a little bit watered down.

Apart from soup you can also get a quick bite from the poutine stand close to the Whistler ski lifts. Despite the line the service is fast.

Poutine hot dog

Although I thought a combination of hot dog and poutine might be the best of both worlds....the original poutine (fries with cheese curd and covered in gravy - see Saus) is much better.

Happy skiing!

Food: Soup and sandwiches.
Must try: Soups.
Setting: Cozy.
Service: Order at the counter but they serve the food very fast.
Damage: Very good value for money.
Hot chocolate: Untried.

Gone Village Eatery
4205 Village Square
Whistler, BC, V0N 1B4

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