Coin Laundry Cafe

The neighbourhood gem Coin Laundry Cafe inhabits a small corner store with relics of its former tenants for which the cafe is aptly named. Come early or expect to wait. Usually by late mornings on weekends the crowd has already spilled over to the adjoining house and there is a huddle of potential patrons at the door. We were lucky to be in the vicinity during the weekday so there was no wait for this particular lunch.

Moroccan spiced chicken on turkish bread
Although I was very tempted by their breakfast (served till 3pm), I was immediately drawn to the Moroccan spiced chicken on toasted Turkish bread. Definitely no regrets. The chicken was juicy and well marinated and laid on a bed of fresh tomato slices and baby spinach. The bread, where so many fail, was lightly sesamed and perfectly toasted with just a few burnt edges. Although you can’t see it there is a thin layer of eggplant puree and hummus on the bread to bring together the flavour and texture.

I know I said this is supposed to be my burger year…but I really haven’t been doing it justice. So Mr Z helped me by splitting my Moroccan spiced chicken with his Wagyu beef burger with beetroot relish. Beetroot as I have previously mentioned is not something I really enjoy – so my comments are with prejudice. The meat is juicy, as per the chicken, the chefs at Coin Laundry know how to prepare their meats. The aioli sauce is creamy and the chunky chips are akin to the qualities at Hooked. Apart from the beetroot I cannot really complain but at the same time I’m not wowed. Again my judgment may have been clouded.

So beetroot taste impairment aside, Coin Laundry Cafe is definitely a neighborhood gem. I would still vote the sandwiches at Earl Canteen but this is currently a close second.

Food: Neighbourhood cafe.
Must try: Moroccan chicken on turkish bread.
Setting: Casual cafe.
Service: Friendly and fast
Damage: Breakfast is about $15 and lunch can be $15-20
Hot chocolate: Available but untested.
Visit if: wanting to have a relaxing but filling breakfast or lunch.

Coin Laundry Cafe
61 Armadale St
Armadale, VIC 3143

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