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Like many other restaurants in Melbourne, Movida’s success has led to the budding of several reincarnations including Movida Aqui. Located upstairs of Earl Canteen this much larger restaurant serves a menu that overlaps with that found at the original Movida and continues to entertain our taste buds with both traditional and modern Spanish creations.

To start, a little palate opener, the Anchoa, consists of tulle style crouton layered with anchovy and topped with a scoop of tomato sorbet. Cool, sweet, tangy, salty and crispy a great concoction of flavours and textures.
Anchoa – anchovy with tomato sorbet

If you follow this blog you would know I have a weakness for squid ink so of course I had to order the Calamari dish. The calamari was perfectly grilled with a little browning on the surface. The creamy ink/olive oil sauce gave a subtle musky taste to the dish.

Calamari with squid ink

Movida Aqui’s version of gambas al ajillo (garlic prawn) is the Gambas a la Sidra. Prawns, garlic and olive oil are cooked in a terracotta dish. There is a slight hint of cider, Movida’s alteration to this classic tapa, but this was overpowered by the garlic. Don’t let them take the plate away just because the prawns are gone, the resulting garlic (and cider) infused olive oil makes great bread dip.

Gambas a la Sidra - garlic prawn

The Higos con cigarillo de queso is a fig salad with savoury cannoli filled with goat cheese. This is like a cheese platter put together as a salad with the cheese already on the “cracker” and figs on the side. All you need is a good bottle of red.

Higos con cigarillo de queso – Fig salad

Finishing the course was the Paella de setas. Quail with pine mushrooms – perfect fall dish. Although I couldn’t taste the typical paella with scents of paprika and saffron, the strong aroma of the pine mushroom was more than enough.

Paella de setas

Overall Movida Aqui provides similar standard of food as served in the original restaurant. The only negative I have to point out was the horrible service we received. I’m hoping it was just our waitress but she was extremely disinterested in being there and was had minimal knowledge of the menu. Other than that it was amazing food and larger setting means you aren’t drowned out by the sounds of other patrons allowing talking amongst friends easier.

Food: Spanish tapa.
Must try: Gambas a la Sidra.
Setting: Modern setting with a focus on warm natural tones.
Service: Left us wanting.
Damage: Tapas are about $6 and the other dishes are about $20.
Hot chocolate: Available but untested.
Visit if: craving Spanish.

Movida Aqui
500 Bourke St Level 1
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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