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If someone says food truck I think most people have images of greasy, fatty food with the target audience been more concerned with speed then taste. But revival by a younger generation of entrepreneurs are making food trucks the hit new scene all over the world (and slowly starting in Australia too).

In Boston I have tried a few. However, I’m far from been an expert so please visit Megan’s blog for a more comprehensive coverage.

Bon Me is the best blend of healthy, east meets west, non-greasy version of noodle/rice street vendors commonly found in Asia. To start you select your carb – sandwich, noodle salad, or rice bowl - and then your protein – chicken, pork or vegetarian (tofu with mushroom) and then your sauces.
Noodle, Tofu and Shiitake mushroom and deviled tea egg
As you can see despite the low price of only $6 you get a decent serving of food. I tried the rice noodles with a toasted sesame sauce and the organic tofu and shiitake mushrooms.

Also tried as a side the deviled tea egg which is cooked in a sweeter sauce then I’m used to but the spicy mayo and what I assume is cayenne pepper (not sure as my buds were burning at this stage) add a nice kick to the taste.
Rice bowl with barbequed pork
The chinese bbq pork with brown rice was not as good. The pork was way too salty and also a bit dry.

Okay so the Vietnamese noodles aren't quite up to Thanh Phong and the rice bowl needs some improvement but it makes for a fast and relatively guilt free indulgence. Rumor has it that they may be setting up a permanent shop in Cambridge....can anyone confirm?

Food: Modern Vietnamese
Must try: Noodle + Tofu and Shiitake mushroom + Sesame sauce
Setting: Food truck
Service: Fast but check on their twitter to make sure they are going to be at their scheduled locations.
Damage: $6
Hot chocolate: None
Visit if: looking for a quick but healthy bite.

Bon Me
Various locations in Boston. Check their schedule on their website but their twitter account for any changes.

Bon Me Truck at Gov't Center on Urbanspoon

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