Food to share at the Painted Burro

From a distance the Painted Burro was easy to spot by the tiny crowd of would-be diners waiting for a table. The delay to our food wasn’t too long as we managed to hit that sweet spot of when the early diners just happen to be wrapping up.

Once seated we were welcomed with tortilla chips and mildly spicy salsa while we started pouring over the menu. As I mentioned previously, Australia does not have as great a Mexican cuisine choice and with a lack of any Spanish language skills, we needed help in deciphering the menu. Luckily the margarita menu was easier to understand and we started with a Raspberry and a Mango margarita - on the rock and with salt - already off to a great start!
Tortilla chips with salsa Margaritaville!
Of course we had to try some Guacamole and decided to go with the additional pork belly and roasted grape tomatoes. Delicious! Creamy guacamole with some almost crackling like pork belly pieces created an intoxicating blend I can’t quite describe but it is like eating fatty pork belly but healthy.
Guacamole with pork belly and grape tomato
The other appetizer we tried was the “Cholo” Corn Cob which reminds me of the highly demanded corn at Toro. This had a spicier kick and they burn the corn a little more giving it a slight smokey taste.
"Cholo" corn cob
The main I ordered was the Roasted Pork “Cochinita” Enchiladas. This was served in a shallow terracotta bowl with the bottom layer filled with pork cooked till tender and covered with a thick layer of cheese. Although taste wise it was okay the texture and flavours were a bit monotone.
Roasted Pork "Cochinita" Enchiladas
Mr Z made a wiser choice of ordering the Short Rib Barbacoa Tacos. The short rib was in a red-wine sauce and complemented well with the savoury cheese and sweet corn kernels. Beans are served on the side and was great with the taco or on it’s own. The tacos are not big and he probably would have ordered more if he didn’t have to help me with the enchilada.
Short Rib Barbacoa Taco
To finish we decided to try one of their desserts. They also serve popsicles but I didn’t try this. Can’t remember the name of the dessert but it was basic chocolate mousse with a thick layer of what tasted like Maraschino cherry jam and unsugared cream on top. I emphasize the lack of sugar in the cream as the dessert was a little bit sweet and really only saved by blending in the cream.
Chocolate mousse with Maraschino cherry jam and cream
This was a great dinner and the place can accommodate larger groups. I think next time we will just try a bunch of the starters and smaller plate items. The enchiladas will be fine if you want to share it in a larger group. I’m undecided if I like this better or Ole Mexican Grill but I expect more research in the future.

Food: Mexican
Must try: Guacamole with pork belly and grape tomato and tacos
Setting: Casual chic
Service: Wasn’t helpful with menu recommendations but other than that great
Damage: Appetizers and small plates are ~$10 and the mains are just <$20
Hot chocolate: Didn’t check
Visit if: wanting some good guacamole or tacos

Painted Burro
219 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144
Davis Square
Boston, MA 02140

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